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My practice is aimed at helping those I work with to develop healthier, happier, more authentic, and more productive lives. My own training is wide-ranging, and includes a variety of methodologies, but it is grounded in a core belief that all healing and growth take place primarily in the relationship between the therapist and the patient.

My most intensive training has been in a field known as “relational psychoanalysis.” In contrast to Freudian psychoanalysis, which is based on the theory that human beings are motivated by sexual and aggressive drives, relationists believe that our primary motivations grow out of the need to be in relationship with others.

In practical terms, this means that rather than focusing on maintaining neutrality and distance as a therapist, I work on the premise that it is through my ongoing relationship with my patients that we explore their experience. We all bring patterns and expectations learned in our early relationships to our current relationships, but often unconsciously and in ways that don’t serve us or others well.

When patients come to me, they are often struggling with their own feelings of inadequacy, difficulties in current relationships, and the influence of their relationships with their early caregivers.

The aim of the therapeutic work I do is to help my patients, in a safe and supportive setting, break out of repetitive and ineffective patterns of relating to others, by learning more skillful ways of getting their needs met.

Patients have a choice of sitting across from me on a chair, or lying on a couch.

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