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Nearly all of us experience feelings of depression, anxiety, or serious relationship issues at different points in our lives. These problems often have their origins in childhood issues and traumas, and can be exacerbated by present-day disappointments, conflicts, and losses.

I work with both individuals and couples to gain deeper insight into what’s going on, both on the conscious and unconscious level. I also focus on very specific cognitive and behavioral practices they can do to help resolve the issues with which they’re struggling.

In addition to my psychodynamic training, I have specific training in psychoanalysis, couples therapy, and the Enneagram. With individual clients, I work in a “relational” mode (see philosophy).

I currently specialize in working with patients who have been ill with a serious debilitating disease, such a stroke, cancer or heart attack, and people who suffer from eating disorders and addictions—adults and teenagers. I also work with couples who have problems such as communication, intimacy issues, and infidelity.

Finally, I work with executives on how to more efficiently manage their energy—rather than their time--to be both more productive and happier both in their work and in how they relate to their colleagues and their families.

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